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Love notes from P.S. I Love You brides and grooms!

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 "Cheri and P.S. I love you was a last minute addition to my wedding day, and now I know that my day would have been a COMPLETE disaster without her there! I didn't have to do anything-she took care of it all, and I almost forgot she was even there (except for when she made me eat a granola bar pre ceremony because she noticed I hadn't eaten much). I received so many complements from my guests as to how wonderful she was in all of the things she did (turns out she decorated our tables, helped organize the food area, set up my flower arrangements, directed the parking attendants, put on the music, guided my photographers, and helped hide me from the groom!). But I think the best part about Cheri's presence at my wedding was her ability to think quickly on the spot, remain calm, and persuade me to do the same" 

"For those that are unsure if a wedding coordinator is necessary, I would highly recommend it -I wasn't sure if I needed one at first, but it really made the difference from having a smooth wedding to having a perfect wedding. When you're spending so much time and effort putting together the small details before the wedding, it's so nice to have someone else running point the day of so you can enjoy your wedding day! I am so thankful for having Cheri and Aldo on my wedding super team!"

"Cheri pulled all my DIY stuff together and filled in the blanks and made our wedding possible without us going insane or worse. It was such a relief when we met with her and Aldo and found them to be great people that we loved having part of our wedding day. Cheri even officiated our ceremony since at our first meeting I expressed that I was stressed about finding an officiant and she told me she is ordained, it was a no brainer! Cheri and Aldo are a great couple, fun to be around, and I definitely recommend having them around on your wedding day when things can be so stressful, but don't have to be!"

"As the mother of the bride, helping my daughter plan her wedding was an amazing experience and overwhelming at the same time.  We had so much fun coming up with DIY projects and ideas.  However, my daughter and I both wanted to be able to relax the day of the wedding and not be running around trying to coordinate everything.  Cheri and her husband Aldo were the perfect team and made my daughter's wedding day such a beautiful experience!  I honestly don't know what I would have done without them.  Cheri is a master at putting together timelines and making the actual day flow smoothly."
"Cheri understands the balance between bride and family. She will be the most genuine wedding planner that you can choose." 
"Cheri has a true passion not only for weddings but for love as well. I know, sounds totally corny, but coming from a bride that was more realistic than romantical, she added all the touches to make it the most unforgettable day for everyone!"
"From her professionalism to her kindness, Cheri will not steer you in the wrong direction. She has ideas and knowledge that even the most particular bride would appreciate. Her talent is evident. People ask me if anything went wrong for the wedding. I tell them "if something did, then I didn't know because my wedding planner did a great job at not letting me find out"!"